New Year’s Plan of Attack

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This quote applies to nearly every aspect of life. However, it should instill a deeper sense of urgency because it is that time of year again. The time when you make promises to yourself, and hopefully others, to start living a healthier life next year. To put all your bad habits behind you and begin anew. Unfortunately, as anyone who works in the fitness industry will tell you, almost no one does. Let me rephrase that, almost no one continues to do so past the first few weeks of January. This is almost certainly because they failed to prepare. Or worse yet, they prepared half-heartedly. Now is when you should begin to plan. Start taking away the question of whether you will eat right. Eliminate the need for you to decide to wake up everyday and crawl your way to the gym. Instill habits that make this decision for you. Because even the laziest person in the world can seem motivated if they have discipline.

Mold Your Habits

This is not going to be another motivational speech. We suggest you simply pick small habits that will contribute overall to a shift in mindset so you don’t have to rely on willpower. Willpower as we all know, is a finite resource. It will run out just when we need it the most. So why not save it? Here are a few things we recommend starting today in order to prepare for New Years:

  • Wake up 5 minutes earlier every day until you have created enough time for a morning workout. More importantly: STOP PRESSING SNOOZE!
  • Create a non-negotiable morning routine to prepare yourself for the day (drink water, stretch, breathe)
  • Purge your pantry of as many processed foods as possible (sugar, alcohol, vegetable oils)

By integrating these habits into your daily life until New Years, you will be far ahead of the average Resolutioner. Prepare, create discipline, create success, don’t just hope for it this year. At Ikon, we work tirelessly to help bring health and fitness back together again. Through our comprehensive coaching, state-of-the-art wellness services, and nutritional protocols, we hope to help as many people live better lives in the coming year!

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    Joshua Lewis

    Joshua Lewis is the head health and nutrition coach and program director at Ikon Wellness

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