Age Management

Anti-Aging is a Our goal is to help clients look, feel, and perform their best. At Ikon Wellness, we offer the most powerful Anto-Aging services available. At the forefront of our anti-aging services is peptide therapy. Clients can effectively increase HGH, the master anti-aging hormone, naturally.

Anti-Aging Package

Ikon supports clients with a number of cutting edge wellness services, which can make it confusing for clients to figure out where they should start. We can build a custom Anti-Aging package for you, and include only the services that make sense for your goals and body.

commonly packaged services

Peptide Therapy

The most powerful anti-aging service available, peptide therapy increases HGH secretion, and improves the health of cells in the body.

Anti-Aging IV's

This intravenous therapy is a powerful blend of antioxidants that support healthy aging.

Glutathione Shots

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect cells from oxidative cellular damage and guards against foreign substances in the body.

CoQ10 Injections

Aside from supporting energy production at a cellular level, which guards against heart disease, brain disorders, and diabetes, studies have shown that CoQ10 improves the appearance of skin.

Wellness Coaching

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Ikon App

Get a workout / activity plan, messaging, and nutrition guidance.

1 on 1 Consults

Get coaching sessions each month for guidance and accountability.

Goals & Accountability

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Get nutrition guidance and planning from a professional.

We Care About Your Success

At Ikon, Success is our policy. We want our clients to experience quick success, not only because our clients will spread the word, but because we care about our clients.